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My political priorities rest upon serving South Dakota families: I’m passionate about reducing crime and protecting nature. I’m committed to public health, which requires clean drinking water and pure, breathable air. I dream of growing the economy so workers prosper. I’m pro-student, backing programs that let kids thrive academically, athletically, and artistically. I’m excited to develop pet-friendly spaces, especially dog parks, where animals and humans can socialize. I detest traffic jams! Not only does traffic waste our time, pollute our air, and threaten our safety, it magnifies psychic friction, leaving commuters fatigued and frustrated. We must not repeat other cities’ mistakes. Rather, let’s upgrade civic infrastructure, expand work-from-home options, and reduce congestion.

To Atticus Finch is attributed the line: “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.” He may be one of my heroes, but he’s not exactly right. We choose one person. The best decision of my life was choosing a brilliant, beautiful bride – a magnificent lady with whom I started  a 


family. Catherine is my angel; she’s the answer to my prayer. Almighty God blessed us with two vibrant, heathy sons, little boys who love baseball, fishing, football, camping, hiking, archery, kayaking, skiing, ice skating, martial arts, and all the thrilling adventures South Dakota offers. It was for my family that I chose Sioux Falls. To educate my children, I found a terrific school system that offers first-rate academic instruction. To safeguard my princess, a lover of neighborhood walks, jogging trails, and sidewalk cafes, I chose a state that protects its residents and respects law enforcement.

Meet David


With wife and sons foremost in my heart, I support our city’s amazing medical community. We can do more to support and thank hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, and the great staffers who cure and nurture us in our times of need. Likewise, we can do more to respect agriculture, supporting and appreciating all those who provide the nutritious food that sustains us. Sioux Falls is a wonderful place to live. I would be deeply honored to serve on City Council, valuing and protecting local families while helping our community grow.

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To share in David's vision for Sioux Falls, check out his Six Stepping Stones for Growth:



As recent census statistics prove, change is coming. Over the next 10 years, this GREAT city will transform dramatically. Patriotic citizens must guide community development in rational, responsible ways. It’s our duty to manage municipal growth, anticipating problems and exploring smart ideas while avoiding costly missteps. I’d like to help Sioux Falls thrive. I don’t have all the answers, but I've amassed some practical experience.  


I chaired a select committee administering a 14-million-dollar annual budget. Cooperating, debating, listening, and working together, we forged pragmatic, fiscally conservative policy, making smart choices that enhanced the community without increasing costs.  


I led an advisory panel focused on equity and inclusion. One dilemma: should city benefits extend to employees’ domestic partners? Opinions ran the gamut; it was a challenge to find solutions supported by most taxpayers, workers, and other stakeholders. Meanwhile, I led the city’s effort to curtail late night train whistles in underprivileged neighborhoods and helped residents understand that some whistles cannot be eliminated without safety risks. For building public consensus on these contentious topics, I received a national award nomination and was afforded the opportunity to shake hands with an American icon: Rosa Parks.  


I served as legal counsel for a group helping parentless children find safe, loving homes. Our team worked diligently to expand the foster pool. By cutting red tape, we made adoption easier. Later, I co-chaired a nonprofit that created an expansive, leash-free dog park on county land. The resultant park is considered one of South Texas’ best. 

These diverse experiences helped me become a compassionate consensus builder one who sets ego aside and works to forge productive, cooperative solutions.  

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