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Ours is a dangerous world. Certain threats tornados, blizzards, floods emerge from regional weather and climate. But many of life’s worst perils originate in the hearts of men. Just as it helps us withstand natural disasters, the city must protect local families from gangsters, sex traffickers, and meth pushers. We can do more to support law enforcement. Meanwhile, our council should maintain its strong relationship with state government and the

Accomplishing these missions requires concerted effort from servant leaders: prudent men and women who pray for the best but plan for the worst. We deserve councilors upon whom we can depend. Each council member shares a solemn duty: to provide reliability. The people of Sioux Falls must have complete confidence that when we dial 911, our call will be answered. So local families survive and thrive, overcoming each danger and difficulty, our emergency services, snow removal, weather alerts, fire stations, and law enforcement must function admirably in good times and in bad. I’m committed to enhancing physical infrastructure, ensuring families enjoy pure water, steadfast energy, safe streets, strong bridges, dependable rail, and air transport. Likewise, let’s update the communication network and organizational infrastructure that shield our community during emergent calamities, such as riots and pandemics.

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tornado-june-7-2009-aurora-colorado-saddle-rock-neighborhood-smaller (3).jpg

PUC, ensuring city residents receive support whenever crises loom. 

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