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Truly, ours is a “family city.” That means more than just a safe place to raise kids. At its best, our community becomes an extended family, wherein neighbors, co-workers, and friends share bonds as strong and sacred as familial ties. Our connection derives from shoveling snow-packed driveways, playing little league,  grilling in the park, skiing at

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Great Bear, and worshipping side by side. By attending  the  same schools, shopping at the same groceries, hiking the same trails, and cheering on the same teams, we’ve developed a community spirit and social kinship no cutthroat, impersonal megapolis can match. 

I’m very thankful for the city-wide family that helps us overcome challenges. Because as we grow, our challenges grow, too. Civic dilemmas become increasingly difficult with each passing year. This much is crystal clear: we MUST NOT repeat other cities’ dreadful mistakes. We must be strategic, prudent, compassionate and, when  circumstances demand, bold.  It won’t be easy. I don’t have all the answers.  But from a  quarter century  of  helping folks  solve  complex problems,  I’ve  developed  three

useful skills: I ask thoughtful questions. I listen. And I never, ever discard an idea simply because it isn’t mine. Talking with neighbors – from teens to seniors, from business founders to college students – taps a deep reservoir of knowledge and talent. This city’s collective wisdom far exceeds the intelligence of any lone individual. I’m committed to seek out novel ideas, fresh concepts, and innovative solutions from everyone who lives and works here. When formidable crises loom, the great people who build, power, feed, protect, beautify, educate, and elevate Sioux Falls will be my think tank and my brain trust. 

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