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Sioux Falls enjoys an abundance of natural blessings. We have a delightful summer camp in our city's heart, while a short drive leads to world-class hunting and fishing. Families can kayak down the river and picnic in our parks.  Athletes of all ages can hike, bike, swim, skate, and ski without leaving town. Teams play tennis, soccer, baseball, and hockey. 

South Dakota may have cold winters, but we have four wonderful seasons, each brimming with recreational opportunities. Following the science, we know keeping active, improving cardiovascular fitness, optimizing Vitamin D, breathing fresh air, and taking a break from computer screens is the ideal recipe for physical and mental wellness. Getting outdoors – into the natural sunshine – increases immunity and lengthens life.  It truly is the best kind of social distancing!

Regardless of whether one prefers golf or archery, ice skating or skateboarding, Sioux Falls has tons to offer. Nevertheless, civic leaders should invest time and energy to expand and improve the city’s outdoor amenities. We can do more! Ironically, many knowledge workers – the skilled professionals local businesses hope to attract – lack knowledge regarding Sioux Falls’ outdoor features. We remedy this not only with updates and improvements, but with aggressive publication and promotion of everything our fair city has to offer.  In the end, these and other initiatives will elevate residents’ quality of life and stimulate economic growth. 

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