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NICE Program

David Barranco's Noticing Incredible City Employees Program!

Sioux Falls Employees work really hard to make our city great. Without them, everything would grind to a halt! Whenever you have a good experience with a city employee or if you're particularly happy with a city amenity, let David know! Just fill out the super short form to tell him about your experience -- then he'll be sure to thank the people that made it happen!  If an individual or a department goes particularly above and beyond, his wife (Catherine) may even take over a token of our collective appreciation for a job well done -- homemade cookies, a batch of her award-winning banana bread, or something else!

The Sioux Falls City Employees are the heart of our community -- thank you for letting David know how they've gone above and beyond. He'll be sure to let them know you appreciate them!

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